Candida Screening

A Candida Screening Quiz – What to Look For

quiz e1308212942832 Candida ScreeningOne must not assume that candida occurs only in women, this can affect men and women alike since Candida Albicans is present in both of them. They are found in mouth, digestive tract and urinal tract also, but since women are at greater risk of contracting this condition, it is often found in greater percentage of women than men. Any candida screening quiz, will never be effective enough to replace a diagnosis from a health expert.

Symptoms in Men

1. Is there irritation on skin or damp area like genital area or groin?

Generally irritation is not a complete deciding factor because other STD have these symptoms as well. An irritation, or itch is only a sure symptom that some infectious organism has found its way to your system.

2. Are there any blisters on penis?

Blisters are a sign that yeast has grown out of control in urinal tract and this may be an initial phase of suffering.

3. Does this rash spread to other areas like anus?

Generally this rash, if not cared for, will spread at a faster pace. This may be confused with warts and hence it is best to go to a registered health practitioner to identify this condition.

4. Is there any discharge from penis?

If candida has manifested itself in genital area ,then it is more likely that there is an yeasty discharge from it.

5. Other localized infection like oral thrush, may have different symptoms.

Symptoms in Women

1. Do you have irritation, or itching in a localized area, or vagina?

Irritation always exists with scores of other infections, be it localized ones, or the ones that affect private parts. When one has ruled out STD then it is more likely that it is candida infection.

2. Do you have greater sugar level in urine?

As sugar is food for candida organism, women and men with greater sugar levels in urine are more prone to candida than any other infection. Pregnancy can increase this level in urinary tract and hence pregnant women are often found to be afflicted with yeast infection.

3. Is there any discharge in from vagina?

Generally a white discharge, which is as thick as cottage cheese is found in women, who have contracted yeast infection. There is no smell associated with this discharge. This is sure symptom that yeast has grown in greater proportions and that the controlling bacteria have perished.

What are other general symptoms in men and women, that are neglected? A person is very fatigued, if he or she is infected with yeast. A condition called brain fog is observed. Sometimes, there is fungal sinus observed and for some people, there is a thin layer of white on their tongue. It is best to take opinion of a health specialist at any condition because earlier diagnose can avoid complications and suffering at a later stage.

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