Candida Overview

Candidiasis – Another Name

for a Yeast Infection


yeastinfectionguide introduction e1308213696611 Candida OverviewThe word candidiasis is not a common word unless you have been on the receiving end of a yeast i nfection.  Yeast, also known as fungus, is not an uncommon thing as it is lives microscopically on many surfaces including our skin. As with many of these types of things it thrives in atmospheres that are warm, dark and damp.

Possible Sites

As it resides on our skin any break in the skin will allow it to enter our bodies.  There are many sites that it frequents.  For a baby yeast is found in the mouth and diaper area.  In adults, especially older ones, it is of the mouth, the area of the dentures.  For those over weight persons yeast is found under the folds of the skin, especially the breast and lower abdomen.  For athletes of any age or those who frequent public showers of gyms fungus of the nail bed is prevalent. For woman it is often the vulva, the opening of the vagina, and the vaginal area that is the host of such candidiasis infections. All of these infections, no matter the site, are candidiasis infections.

Vaginal Yeast Infections

For today we are going to zero in on vaginal infections.  The vagina is the only area that contains both “good” bacteria and yeast.  They reside there and help to keep the vaginal area free of disease.  As long as the delicate balance of both these types of organisms stays in concert there is not any problem experienced.  But if they do come unbalanced the problem of candidiasis will ensue. It is usually an overgrowth of yeast that causes candidiasis and there are a few reasons this may occur.

Be On the Alert For

The onset of a cottage cheese type of discharge is usually the hallmark of this type of occurrence.  There also may be pain, swelling of the area and itching also present.


Any type of vaginal discharge lasting more than seven days should be investigated by a medical professional. They will no doubt do a pelvic exam to rule out the possibility of any organ abnormality that might be a causative agent. A good exam should include the collection of specimens for microscopic examination which will definitely prove this to be candidiasis.  This should give the final diagnosis and give a suggestion of which treatment would be the most successful.


There is a wide variety of prescription medications on the market to handle a candidiasis problem.  They come in creams, ointments or vaginal tablets.  There are also oral tablets to be used.  Most simple infections require only a one to three day length of treatment.  Most resistant infections may require a combination of medications or a longer length of treatment.

Pre-Existing Conditions

The most common occurrence that sparks off the problem of an overgrowth of yeast is the use of antibiotics.  They are engineered to kill a wide range of bacteria and in doing so they also decimate the “good” bacteria housed in the vagina.  This of course causes an overgrowth of yeast and ruins the delicate pH of the vaginal area.  The result will be candidiasis.

Uncontrolled diabetes, with its fluctuating blood sugars reaching high levels is able to do the same.  Medications will of course help to eradicate the candidiasis infection but the best treatment is to have the diabetes under control.

The destruction of the immune system by several diseases puts the patient at risk as their limited ability to fight infection leaves them vulnerable to any type of infection.


Candidiasis is an easy to treat vaginal infection which for most of the population does not pose a terrible health risk.  But there is a small number of persons for whom this could be a devastating occurrence.

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